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Maintenance available 24 hours


We have a maintenance center in customer service 24 hours a day,all types of maintenance such as:

  • Periodic maintenance (including repair of malfunctions).
  • Comprehensive maintenance (which includes maintenance and spare parts).
  • Emergency maintenance (which is carried out in the official working hours and 24 hours).
  • Preventive maintenance (which is based on our engineers do their own review of the entire elevator).

Thus, maintenance engineers and technicians are ready to meet customer speed connectivity also ready for a huge fleet of cars equipped with maintenance and technical groups with high efficiency and number and equipment, helping them to meet. All types of maintenance


Believing us to meet all of the client’s wishes and ensure the satisfaction company came two types of maintenance contracts as follows :

First : Maintenance contract is comprehensive spare parts: the faithful are contracted with the client on the maintenance of the elevator and meet Oatalh, but the company does not assume parts which need to be changed due to obsolescence or consumption.

Second : A comprehensive maintenance contract for spare parts: the faithful are contracted with the client on the maintenance elevator and meet Oatalh of the company bears all parts that consume and you need to switch .


We have an team of engineers and technicians who specialize in elevators and global technical underpinnings of modern fixtures in terms of graphics and Necessary specifications for the installation of elevators in the projects include security, trust and integrity within this graded Wu means of safety requirements in the installation.

Updates & upgrade

If your elevator dilapidated and in need of change we have the perfect solution, we update the elevator on by his condition and change the parts that need to change and include mainly the following parts: (Control Unit – Department of Electricity – cable flex – cans requests Interior – cans overseas orders – ropes traction –parachute device – Railway cabin – Railway Altql – exterior doors – inner door – modify the cabin – add accessories to the elevator, as requested by the client).